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Enjoy 10 nights in exotic Noumea - luxury accommodation, exciting swims and fun with fellow swimmers.  This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy authentic French culture close to home – fabulous French cuisine, cultural activites and balmy tropical weather!

A very small group of intrepid adventurers trialled a 10 day swimming camp in Noumea in October last year. Amongst the hardships endured on this South Pacific island were 24 degree water temperature, balmy tropical breezes wafting across a palm tree fringed lagoon, clear and clean water, a 5 star resort apartment and lots of French food and grog. With sunny days and a temperature hovering around 26 degrees, this hardy group forced themselves to do two training swims per day, one before breakfast and one before evening cocktails.

The culmination was meant to be a 2 km swim in the New Caledonian masters championships but confusion between the words in French for start and finish resulted in our erstwhile competitors being spectators for this event. With Gabriel Gate, Brigitte Bardot and French politician Segoline Royal (very spunky) being invited this year, that shouldn’t be a problem again.
This years’ training camp will be limited to a select few and applications are currently being taken. Qualifications that should be noted include the propensity to be able to swim in tropical waters, a pair of aqua blue bathers to match the colour of the lagoon, an ability to be able to participate in the “eat as many prawns as you want ” French dinner, and a basic knowledge of the French words for “start” and “finish”. Interest in cultural stuff, golf, a degree in sunbaking and a working awareness of French wines will also be of assistance.
The current rate of the Aussie dollar means that anyone currently employed or retired should be able to craft together enough money to afford it.
Tour leader - Colin Shugg

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From 18th Oct 13 to 28th Oct 13
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