Chloe McCardel-English Channel Team Swim 2018

English Channel Coaching & Travel 2018

 Is this YOU?

• Enjoy swimming in the open water?
• Enjoy challenging and pushing yourself?
• Love combing travel and adventure?
• Would you love to swim the Channel but not
sure you can make a full crossing?
• Love working in a team environment to reach a goal?
• Keen to meet athletes from across the world?

How about swimming the English Channel in a TEAM?

The English Channel is the jewel in the crown of international marathon swimming. Swimmers from across the globe are drawn to the shores of England to make their own journey across this famous patch of water every year. All swims will start on English shore and finish on French soil – 34km later. 

Chloë successfully coached 14 swimmers across 3x Relays to swim the Channel in 2014. In 2015 she successfully coached 43 swimmers to reach their Channel dreams! These included 7x Relays and 2x Solo swimmers. She looks forward to introducing you to the enormous challenge, fun and camaraderie that channel swimming has to offer.


The Channel is famous for its distance, strong tides, cold water, busy shipping traffic, jelly fish, flotsam and jetsam and unpredictable, fickle weather. Are you up for the challenge of crossing from England to France in a Relay?

Cousins Tours & Travel are booking relays to swim across the English Channel in 2016 & 2017. Chloë has pre-booked HIGH PRIORITY positions with the best English Channel Boat Captains. As well as personally coaching you for 12 months Chloë will also be in England with you for the Channel Swim.


Chloë McCardel

Marathon Swimmer / Coach / Keynote Speaker / Ambassador
Chloë McCardel, has completed more English Channel crossings than any other living Australian. She has completed 6x Solo Crossings, including 2x Double Crossings. She has collected multiple awards from the official Channel Swimming Association ( for the fastest solo of the season, the greatest feat of endurance, fastest swim by a lady and fastest double crossing of the season.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity – Contact Cousins Tours and Travel for more information, dates and to register your interest.


“An excellent undertaking, my participation in a successful relay crossing was the culmination of a lifelong ambition. I cannot thank Chloe enough for making it all possible. The training programs, skypes, emails, phonecalls, boat and pilot hire, accommodation bookings  and positive support at camps were all first class, thoroughly professional but more importantly were from someone who has been there and done that and is wildly and exuberantly passionate about channel swimming.  Co-opting Paul to be our On Board Team Manager for the swim was also one of the best decisions our team made.  His experience, skill and professionalism were world class and his contribution to the successful crossing was huge. 

The commitment to the adventure is not all consuming, the intensity and frequency of training is achievable by competent swimmers, the cost and time needed is manageable but the rewards are epic.  Increased fitness and ability to withstand cold water are incidental to the new friendships, fun and memories that are created. The training the travel and the time are a very small price to pay to enable you to forever be a Channel Swimmer”

Duncan Hall, Tasmanian member of Aussie Team “One Direction”, June 2015 Channel swim


“Chloë’s advice and guidance through this “bucket list” adventure was invaluable.  Chloë struck a nice balance between giving us confidence so we would enjoy the swim, yet give us enough warning to ensure we respected the challenge and thus prepare properly.  Chloë helped us in all aspects of our preparation --  detailed workouts, nutrition, clothing, fundraising and etc…On September 1, 2014 our team successfully swam the Channel in 11 hours and 13 minutes.  Chloë was cheering us on the whole way, while her husband Paul was updating their Facebook page with our progress so our friends and relatives could follow along.  At this point, I cannot imagine the Channel experience without her guidance and coaching.  I am confident Bob, Tim and I will keep close with Chloë, and we hope to be lucky enough to have her coach us in another swimming endeavor in the future.  If you need a swim coach and/or charity organizer…. Chloë is awesome!!!” 


Sincerely -- her big fans, 

Rip Reeves (New Jersey), Bob Burrow (Massachusetts), Tim Lovett (New York)

3 Members of “Four Buoys and a Girl” who swam September 2014




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