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Cousins Tours & Travel Great Victorian  Swim Series 2015/16


The Great Victorian Swim Series is a not for profit “club” promoting fitness, fun, camaraderie & competition among swimmers and supporters of the Victorian open water swim community.  For a small annual registration fee you will receive many benefits while helping to raise funds for Victorian Life Saving Clubs.  Join the GVSS club now!

The Great Victorian Swim Series is brought to you by Cousins Tours and Travel and Light on Landscape. We are grateful for the support of Swimming Victoria and Masters Swimming Victoria .  Most importantly, the series runs alongside the ten ocean swim events that are all conducted by our hard working and critical Surf Life Saving Clubs and the funds raised from the swims go to keeping our beaches safe. 
This season we are pleased to announce we have made some exciting changes to the series. To improve and streamline results Tomato Timing are issuing all series entrants dedicated timing chips/bands that will be used for all events in the series. Your results for the individual swims will be tallied as well as results for the series. This means that series results will ONLY be allocated for people entered in the series You will be able to identify your competition on the start line and the series results will be much tighter!.........Your job is to cherish and take care of this timing device and wear it at each series event (it is planned for dedicated registration at each event for GVSS entrants) We have faith in you!......keep your band/chip with your series swim gear. At the end of the season the chips will need to be returned- you can keep the colour coded band as a memento. There is a small increase in GVSS membership to cover the additional cost. There will be a $20 charge to replace lost devices during the season.

You can enter more than one category - $10 discount for each additional category. We will also have a new supporter/cheer squad category (very important people!) all benefits of swimmers but no timing chip.


  • ·       Short course (2k or less)
  • ·       Short course Non-Wetsuit (2k or less)
  • ·       Long course (over 2.5k)
  • ·       Long course Non-Wetsuit (over 2.5k)
  • ·       Supporter/cheer squad

Only enter Non-Wetsuit category if you intend to swim ALL events in that category without a wetsuit. 15/16 series bathers must be worn in non-wetsuit category. 
Great Victorian Swim Series 15/16 races:
  1. 05 Dec 15/ Mentone Open Water Swim  1,2k & 2,5k
  2. 19 Dec 15/ Victorian Open Water Chanpionships 1.2k & 2,5k (5k & 10k SV & MSV members)*
  3. 26 Dec 15/ Point Leo Swim Classic 1.2k & 2.5k 
  4. 03 Jan 16/ Rip View Swim Classic 1.4k & 3.8k
  5. 16 Jan 16/ Danger 1000 1k & More Dangerous 2.5k
  6. 17 Jan 16/ Sorrento Bay Swim 1.8k & Elite 4000  4k
  7. 23 Jan 16/ Bloody Big Swim 11k & Grand Challenge 1.2k
  8. 26 Jan 16/ MMAD swim 1.2k & 5k
  9. 30 Jan 16/ Queenscliff Challenge 1.2k
  10. 20 Feb 16/ Cerberus Half Moon Bay 1.2k & 2.5 

* The Victorian Open Water Championships will be held at Williamstown. The 1.2k & 2.5k are part of the series. If you swim in the 5k you will not be awarded series points. For Swimming Vic & Masters Swimming Vic awards and results in the 5k & 10k you must be members.

Our fun end of season presentation Party will be held at Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Friday 26 Feb. Invitation is complimentary for series entrants (includes food, awards,entertainment- drinks at bar prices). You are welcome to bring along friends or family at $30 pp.
For catering purposes RSVP is essential click here before 23 Feb......dont forget you need to be at presentation to be eliible to win swim trip to Europe!
 Once you have entered the series you must enter each individual event. For safety reasons many swims cap the numbers- make sure to enter early to avoid disappointment.

Swimmers entered in the Non Wetsuit category must wear the series bathers.

Final series points  will be based on your 6 best results for the short course, best of 4 for the long course

Dates of participating events subject to change

About the Swim Series

The "Great Victorian Swim Series"  is an ocean swim series for the thousands of recreational swimmers who take part in individual swims over summer. The aim of the series is to encourage more people to be active and take part in these great community events that help raise money for our surf life saving clubs.

Entry to the series is simple and you get some great gear and the chance to win heaps more, even if you're not a fast swimmer who is vying for a series win.  There are lots of spot prizes as well, including a swim trip to Europe 2016 and a trip to the Samoa Swim Series 2016. You must be present at the presentation party 26 Feb to qualify for the travel prizes.

How to enter:

  • To register click here
  • Entry to the series costs only $40 - $10 discount for each additional category.
  • entry include:
    • The option to purchase Funky Trunks series bathers at an amazing $20 per pair
    • A long sleeve series hoodie. (sponsored by Light on Landscape)
    • Mesh peaked cap (sponsored by Cousins Tours & Travel)- 1st 350 entries
    • Towel (sponsored by Swimming Victoria)
    • Complimentary invitation to end of season presentation party. 
    • Series results updated after each race. 
    • Eligibility for series placings and great prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.
    • Eligibility for spot prizes.
    • Certificate of achievement,

Competitors need to register for the series by 31 December  2015  Enter early to guarantee series hoodie and option to purchase series bathers for an amazing $20. There is no requirement to complete a minimum number of events, you don't have to do any races to win the travel prizes!


 2015/16 series bathers



It is the responsibility of individuals to enter participating races in the series in addition to the series itself.

Prizes have been generously donated by  Cousins Tours & Travel, Light on Landscape, Swimming Victoria & Masters Swimming Victoria

The top 19 competitors in each category will receive placing points and each competitor after 19th place will receive 1 point for participation (excludes DNS and DNF results).

The scoring system for the series gives everyone a chance to finish amongst the top places.

The swim series is divided into the following categories for both Male and Female.
Age at 05 December 2015.

Ages: 12 to 17, 18 to 29, 30 to 39, 40 to 49, 50 to 59, 60 to 69 & 70+ 

Short Course  (swims that are 2km or less)

Long Course (swims 2.5k or longer  )

Swimming Victoria prize categories - details to be advised

Masters Swimming Victoria open water club championship 

If you are a member of a masters swimming club select your club when registering. Your series points will be allocated to help  your club become the first MSV open water club champions.

If you are not a member - consider joining now. For MSV website click here

Points and Scoring

Each race in the Swim Series earns you points into the overall score for the series. You are only competing against people in your own category.

To be eligible for category and spot prizes, competitors must register for the series before 31 December  2015. 
Points are awarded for entrants in each swim as follows from 20 points down to 1 point based on their placing in the event. (male & female in each category awarded points)
For example 1st = 20pts, 2nd = 19pts, 3rd = 18pts, 4th = 17pts, 5th = 16pts ...down to 1 pt.
All competitors receive a minimum of 1 point for each event for participation.

Final series points  will be based on your 6 best results (short course) 4  best results (long course)

If you swim twice in two age categories on the same day then the registered age category will apply.  ( eg Open and age Category )

The series is open to swimmers, supporters and the very important towel and bag holders. 

Points Qualification:
You automatically qualify for series points once you have registered for the series. Everyone registering for the series is eligible for spot prizes - not compulsory to compete in the swims. To win one of the travel prizes you must be at the Presentation party draw.

Races with Different Lengths:

You will only be awarded points in the category you have entered. i.e Short Course, Long Course, non-wetsuit. You can enter more than one category.

Terms and Conditions of point scoring are subject to change.

To be eligible for the prizes in the Swim Series you need to register before 31 December 2015.


Short Course - Wetsuit

Long Course - Wetsuit

Short Course - Non Wetsuit

Long Course - Non Wetsuit


Congratulations and thanks to all of you that support the clubs and swims - together with Swimming Victoria & Masters Swimming Victoria, Way Funky and all participating surf clubs we hope you all have a great swim season!

 Prizes include:

  • Travel Prize - everyone registered for the series is entered into the draw (you need to be at presentation party drae to win a travel prize) . Swim trip to Europe 2016  donated by Cousins Tours & Travel.
  • Travel Prize #2 - Samoa Swim Series
  •  Prizes for first 3 in each category.
  •  Plenty of generous spot prizes donated by our sponsors.
  • Spot prize to be drawn at each participating swim (you must be present at the event to be eligible for this prize).
  • Swimming Victoria prizes
  • Masters Swimming Victoria prizes


If you or your company would like to be part of the swim series as a  sponsor we would love to hear from you.  Help us make the swim series bigger and better for 2015-16 - click here to contact us.

Please support our sponsors who have donated prizes for the series